The largest island of the northern Sporades, Skopelos lays just east of mainland Greece, northeast of the Euboea island. Bathed by the waters of the western Aegean sea, the island was called Peparethus in ancient times and it is said to have been created by one of Dionysus’ sons, Staphylos, which is Greek for grape.

A member of the Northern Sporades group, Alonisos is one of the least touritically visited islands from the Sporades in Greece. Its size is 4.5km wide and 20km long with a total area of 64 sq km, made mostly out of limestone.

While the vast majority of people visiting Greece comes here for the weather and the sea, a few come here for the party atmosphere and the nighttime entertainment or even some hot socializing opportunities.

The easternmost islands of the Sporades group, Skyros remains an attractive alternative to those seek solitude while in Greece or just want to venture off the beaten path into the Aegean Sea.

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