The Syros marina or Ormos Phoinikos is perfectly located within the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, so that most of the sailors passing by thought here make stops here for at least one night.

Belonging to the Delos group, this Greece marina offers services of the highest standard. Besides, the best charter base for a cruise in the Sporades islands, some of the best and most authentic Greek experiences a tourist can encounter.

For those who hope to get a mooring place in the town port of Rhodes in eastern Greece during the high season, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, Mandraki marina is a great place to start your Mediterranean adventure, among the Dodecanese islands or even the Turkish coast.

The Marina Lefkas offer so much more than great conditions and a mooring place for an overnight stay, it offers a gateway to the famous Ionian Islands, one of the most visited places in Greece by sailors.

This is without a doubt the biggest marina in Greece and also a public one, with over 1000 berths, conveniently located just off the city center and harbor of Athens, the capital city of the country and the first place most foreign tourists land when coming here.