Cruising in the Aegean, you should not miss the chance to visit this modern marina. Offering highest comfort and services for charter crews from all over the world, it is a perfect starting point to explore the "green island" - one of the best in Greece by car, bike or afoot.

One of the biggest and oldest ports in yacht charter Greece, Piraeus enjoys a privileged position on the Greek map, one that has been noticed by many enthusiasts who use it as a base for exploring the these shores. So make sure you stop by this cosmopolite town and harbor for a real Greek experience.

Kos is an amazing location, one of the best cultural centers in the yacht charter Greece, which also happens to be the entry port to the Sporades archipelago, a popular sailing destination in this part of the Mediterranean, with many attractions, eating and night time venues.

The name comes from “sporadic” because the islands are scattered on great distances in the Aegean Sea waters but the Sporades are perfect examples of Greek lifestyle especially because they’re situated so far from the rest of the resorts that make up the main tourist circuit in yacht charter Greece.