Home to one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, this old town is today a thriving touristic destination for those seeking the old ways of Greece, with the added benefit of also being relatively close to Turkey.

Attractions, adventures and scenic places expect Greece lovers on a sailing cruise in the Greek islands of the Aegean. Here is a list of those sights which should not miss from your Greece journey on Hellenic waters:

Also known as the “Sun island” for the great number of sunny days that occur here within a year, Rhodos has been and still is one of the keypoints of this part of yacht charter Greece thanks to its strategic position near the Turkish peninsula.

The name literally translates to the “Twelve islands” and in Greece they are widely regarded as a “must visit” for the yacht charter sailor due to their beauty, their position and the typical Greek way of life they portray. In fact, there are way more than 12 islands, there are also 150 smaller islands out of which only 26 are inhabited.