It’s been a rough couple of years for Greece and the recent austerity brought on by the economic crisis and the possible collapse of their economy has left many Greek citizens scratching their heads and wondering how best to cut expenses.

The SeaDream Yacht Club has announced the creation of a special trip aboard its 112-passenger luxurious SeaDream II which will last for 8 nights, and will sail the Aegean Sea, following in the path of Paul the Apostle, also known to people as Saint Paul, whose letters form a great part of the New Testament in the Bible.

This is without a doubt the biggest marina in Greece and also a public one, with over 1000 berths, conveniently located just off the city center and harbor of Athens, the capital city of the country and the first place most foreign tourists land when coming here.

One of the biggest and oldest ports in yacht charter Greece, Piraeus enjoys a privileged position on the Greek map, one that has been noticed by many enthusiasts who use it as a base for exploring the these shores. So make sure you stop by this cosmopolite town and harbor for a real Greek experience.