While the vast majority of people visiting Greece comes here for the weather and the sea, a few come here for the party atmosphere and the nighttime entertainment or even some hot socializing opportunities.

Attractions, adventures and scenic places expect Greece lovers on a sailing cruise in the Greek islands of the Aegean. Here is a list of those sights which should not miss from your Greece journey on Hellenic waters:

The list of the beautiful islands in Greece is long, but among these there are a few which are really worthy of their fame: beautiful beaches, ancient cities, historical sites, picturesque villages - these are just some of the wonders that you can find in our Top 10 Greek Islands:

For those who enjoy the yacht charter circuit, these islands hold no secret as they are wildly regarded as the classic destination for sailing trips. The Cyclades in Greece are a series of some 200 islands that are scattered throughout the Aegean Sea, and constitute a sunny maze worth exploring aboard your boat.