It’s been a rough couple of years for Greece and the recent austerity brought on by the economic crisis and the possible collapse of their economy has left many Greek citizens scratching their heads and wondering how best to cut expenses.

It seems that whoever will be heading for the Mediterranean this winter to moor their yachts, might be doing a little bit of research in advance, otherwise they will end up with a bigger hole in their budget than they’d bargained.

The name stands for an island as well as a municipality in yacht charter Greece, but most people reffere to the island when talking about Leros. It lies in the southern Aegean Sea and it’s part of the Dodecanese archipelago

Karpathos island is one of the largest islands in the Dodecanese, a very popular group in Greece, located in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Because of its somewhat isolated position, the people of the island have somewhat peculiar dress and traditions from the rest of the country, which tourists recognize and similar to those of Crete or Cyprus.

The island of Halki (or Chalki as it’s known locally) is part of the Dodecanses arghipelago belonging to Greece and being positioned in the Aegean Sea. The island itself lies approximately 6km west of the island of Rhodes.