Despite signs of a decreasing numbers of tourists and looming dangers of economic difficulties, Greece is still managing to prove to one and all that it hasn’t lost its appeal. It would seem that this year a virtual surge of celebrities have chosen to spend their summer time off in the country of the gods.

Known in yacht charter Greece as Paxi, this island is the smallest from the Heptanese, also known as the Ionian islands. The main town on the island is Paxoi and the seat of the municipality is Gaios. In ancient mythology the island is said to have been created by the god of the waters, Poseidon, who struck Corfu island with his trident and thus Paxos came into existence as the island of his wife, Amphitrite.

Out of all the beautiful islands in Greece that have opened up to tourism, none remains more unspoiled than the island of Hydra. The main factor for that is that there are no cars on the island, except for a handful of municipal vehicles that are used for getting around.

The easternmost islands of the Sporades group, Skyros remains an attractive alternative to those seek solitude while in Greece or just want to venture off the beaten path into the Aegean Sea.

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