Karpathos island is one of the largest islands in the Dodecanese, a very popular group in Greece, located in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Because of its somewhat isolated position, the people of the island have somewhat peculiar dress and traditions from the rest of the country, which tourists recognize and similar to those of Crete or Cyprus.

The island of Halki (or Chalki as it’s known locally) is part of the Dodecanses arghipelago belonging to Greece and being positioned in the Aegean Sea. The island itself lies approximately 6km west of the island of Rhodes.

We would like to reveal to you today, one of the best kept secrets of Greece up until the 1980s – the picturesque town of Chania on Crete island. This small town is nestled perfectly between the sea and the mountains and has a lovely architecture to boot. Really, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t come here.

Despite the precarious economic state in yacht charter Greece, it seems the tourist industry, the country’s main income earner, can’t be stopped. Plans are underway for a new marina in the busy harbor of Thessaloniki.

Crete is without a doubt one of coolest places in Greece. What other place can claim it is the birthplace of Zeus, the ruler of the Gods? But besides spawning the head of the Greek Pantheon, Crete is also home to the Minoan civilization and today it has evolved into an attractive touristic region.