Tired of your same old yacht charter holidays? Well, maybe it’s time you try out something different. The Greeks have thought about promoting the rich archeological heritage in the Aegean that’s been left by the ancient civilizations in a way that’s never been done before.

While the vast majority of people visiting Greece comes here for the weather and the sea, a few come here for the party atmosphere and the nighttime entertainment or even some hot socializing opportunities.

The Syros marina or Ormos Phoinikos is perfectly located within the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, so that most of the sailors passing by thought here make stops here for at least one night.

One of the biggest attractions in Greece, the Cyclades groups of islands are a must visit destination and the best place to start your exploration is the Lavrion marina. Recently rebuilt, it's visited by many sailors and it's also very easily accessible, being a decent distance from Athens airport.

Syros remains one of the most authentic Greek towns manages to be attractive without being positioned on the regular tourist routes. This is themain reason why this twn remains a major Greece attraction and the thing that makes it stand out from the rest of the resorts found in the Aegean. So if you're a fan of the ancient architecture and wand to discover the old Greek way of life, come to Syros