Proud and aesthetically pleasing, Galaxidi flaunts its maritime heritage represented by the brave sailors who used to navigate the southern Greek coasts often found shelter in the two natural harbors of the little town.

Lindos is a small village on the Greece island of Rhodes which has several things to offer to the western holidaymaker. Among the most appreciated here are the beaches, the marina and the local landscape.

TweetGreece is famous for some of the oldest cultural and sporting events in the world, like the Olympics. One of those cultural events which aims to reenact the old Greek theater is the Epidaurus festival, which is but a part of the larger, Hellenic Festival. The festival takes place in the acoustically

Considered by many still to be a peninsula, the Peloponnese is now technically an island since the completion of the Corinth canal which separates it from the mainland yacht charter Greece and turns it into an island. Regardless of being an island or a peninsula, the Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful and most traditional places in Greece today.