While trying to improve Greece’s touristic image abroad, more and more locals, especially younger ones, are taking active measures to show foreign visitors that their country has a lot to offer and that the recent image of an economically instable land full of turmoil is largely untrue.

Despite signs of a decreasing numbers of tourists and looming dangers of economic difficulties, Greece is still managing to prove to one and all that it hasn’t lost its appeal. It would seem that this year a virtual surge of celebrities have chosen to spend their summer time off in the country of the gods.

This is without a doubt the biggest marina in Greece and also a public one, with over 1000 berths, conveniently located just off the city center and harbor of Athens, the capital city of the country and the first place most foreign tourists land when coming here.

TweetGreece is famous for some of the oldest cultural and sporting events in the world, like the Olympics. One of those cultural events which aims to reenact the old Greek theater is the Epidaurus festival, which is but a part of the larger, Hellenic Festival. The festival takes place in the acoustically

Just 60km from Athens in yacht charter Greece Attica region, Lavrion sits in a bay overlooking the island of Makronisos, famous in ancient times for the silver mines that used to provide income to the great city-state of Athens. Today it’s a great yacht charter summer resort from where you can start exploring the Cyclades.