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Out of all the beautiful islands in Greece that have opened up to tourism, none remains more unspoiled than the island of Hydra. The main factor for that is that there are no cars on the island, except for a handful of municipal vehicles that are used for getting around.


The SeaDream Yacht Club has announced the creation of a special trip aboard its 112-passenger luxurious SeaDream II which will last for 8 nights, and will sail the Aegean Sea, following in the path of Paul the Apostle, also known to people as Saint Paul, whose letters form a great part of the New Testament in the Bible.

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The numbers coming from Greece these days are mind boggling. The Greek government recently announced that is seized 555 yachts from owners last year alone in an effort to reduce tax-evasion.


The easternmost islands of the Sporades group, Skyros remains an attractive alternative to those seek solitude while in Greece or just want to venture off the beaten path into the Aegean Sea.


The Syros marina or Ormos Phoinikos is perfectly located within the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, so that most of the sailors passing by thought here make stops here for at least one night.