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Yacht Charter in Greece

News from the Land of Odysseus is not all that good these days and the Greece yacht charter system apparently is suffering as well. At first it seemed that only the private sector of the yachting industry was affected but now it seems that also the professionals are beginning to feel the blows.

It’s been a rough couple of years for Greece and the recent austerity brought on by the economic crisis and the possible collapse of their economy has left many Greek citizens scratching their heads and wondering how best to cut expenses.

It’s usually a rare thing when a superyacht has technical difficulties, but the sea never discriminates and even the most luxurious boat can go under. Nonetheless, many were surprised to hear that the 2011-built superyacht Yogi which was sailing the Aegean Sea sank 19 miles off the coast of Greek island Skyros.

It seems that whoever will be heading for the Mediterranean this winter to moor their yachts, might be doing a little bit of research in advance, otherwise they will end up with a bigger hole in their budget than they’d bargained.


The largest island of the northern Sporades, Skopelos lays just east of mainland Greece, northeast of the Euboea island. Bathed by the waters of the western Aegean sea, the island was called Peparethus in ancient times and it is said to have been created by one of Dionysus’ sons, Staphylos, which is Greek for grape.