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Yacht Charter in Greece

Tired of your same old yacht charter holidays? Well, maybe it’s time you try out something different. The Greeks have thought about promoting the rich archeological heritage in the Aegean that’s been left by the ancient civilizations in a way that’s never been done before.

While trying to improve Greece’s touristic image abroad, more and more locals, especially younger ones, are taking active measures to show foreign visitors that their country has a lot to offer and that the recent image of an economically instable land full of turmoil is largely untrue.

Despite signs of a decreasing numbers of tourists and looming dangers of economic difficulties, Greece is still managing to prove to one and all that it hasn’t lost its appeal. It would seem that this year a virtual surge of celebrities have chosen to spend their summer time off in the country of the gods.

For quite some time now, we’ve been hearing news about how bad the crisis has hit Greece and especially the tourism sector which used to represent an important part of the income the locals and the government made. Official figures have been released to show exactly how bad the yacht charter Greece industry has been hit.

Among all of the European countries, Greece seems to have been hit the worst in its tourism industry as a side effect of the economic crisis that’s been taking its toll on economies throughout the world.