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Yacht Charter in Greece

One of the biggest attractions in Greece, the Cyclades groups of islands are a must visit destination and the best place to start your exploration is the Lavrion marina. Recently rebuilt, it's visited by many sailors and it's also very easily accessible, being a decent distance from Athens airport.


Crete is without a doubt one of coolest places in Greece. What other place can claim it is the birthplace of Zeus, the ruler of the Gods? But besides spawning the head of the Greek Pantheon, Crete is also home to the Minoan civilization and today it has evolved into an attractive touristic region.


The second hand yacht market these days is on the rise. With the economy in countries like Greece dropping to worrying lows, more and more people are beginning to make budget cuts and the first things to go are usually the ones that are the most luxurious and costly to maintain. For many Greece owners, boats are the first on the list to go.


A great place for small and large yachts alike, the Kos marina is the pride of the Dodecanese islands and one of the best in the whole Greece. Make sure you moor here when visiting the island.


This marina is located close to the town centre and also quite close to the airport of Corfu, which is one of the most famous islands in all of Greece, making this location frequently visited by yachting aficionados.