2013 Brings Better Conditions for Greece Tourism

January 31, 2013

Now is the time to book a holiday in Greece! Forget what people are saying and go see for yourself why Greece is still one of the most attractive destinations in Europe today, whether you’re thinking of a yacht charter holiday, an all-inclusive deal for a family trip or a few days lounging on the beach during the day and partying during the night.

The main concert in later months has been whether Greece is “safe” for a holiday and the answer is yes. Forget the disturbing news of riots you see on the TV. The fact of the matter is that for people living on the islands and who make a living from tourism, the crisis doesn’t stop them from offering quality services.

In fact, you should take into consideration the reality the economic crisis brings: first off, there are lower prices because businessmen in tourism are trying to attract more customers despite the grim image Greece has suffered recently. That means you’ll be able to bag a better deal on a holiday in Greece than you did a couple of years ago when Greece was very much in vogue.

The second thing is that because fewer people are coming over, there are more chances you’ll be enjoying a better vacation in Greece than you would have back in 2010. This was one of the downsides to Greece, although it was cheap and welcoming, with plenty of activities for every member of the family, the downside was that during the high season it got absolutely packed, especially in the main resorts or tourist attractions.

The last detail would be that if you indeed decide to book a holiday in Greece this year, you’ll be helping the local economy during times of hardship. Oddly enough, you’ll notice that locals will look favorably on you and will try to make you feel very good while there in hoping you’ll return.

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