The Waters around Laganas

December 21, 2012

Only a small village on the Greek island of Zakynthos, Laganas manages to attract significant numbers of yacht charter sailors and sailing enthusiasts due to a number of unusual attractions, one of which is the Bay of Laganas itself.

With a name deriving from the Greek word “lagini” meaning “jug”, Laganas is a popular holiday resort, especially for the younger crowds who are attracted by the fine weather, the endless sunshine and the happening party scene. The sun here never seems to be hidden behind cloud, the temperature never seems to drop below the 30s and the party never seems to stop.

A huge attraction, especially for yacht charter crews is the migration of the loggerhead sea turtles who come here in large numbers between June and August to lay their eggs on the beach. It has to be said that the area (including the waters of the bay) are protected and some restrictions apply to yacht charter boats.

However, there are numerous water sports available here, such as snorkeling and swimming in the crystal clear waters and exploring the coast and nearby islands – daytrips are available to the neighboring islands, the most famous being Marathonisi also known as Turtle Island.

The nightlife is the main reason young people come here as many have never even heard of Laganas before. The strip features a large number of bars and clubs that cater to a lively crowd. The music is as varied as the people who arrive on the island and the bars offer great discounts during happy hours for a multitude of drinks and cocktails.

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