Sailing on the Lakes of Greece

November 2, 2012

Below you will find a list of all the best lakes in Greece, some of the most picturesque places in all of the country and best suited for sailors or yacht charter enthusiasts who like to always be near the water. These lakes offer an alternative to the classical Greece sailing holidays in case you’ve been on one year after year.

Lake Trihonida is located in the Aetolia region of western Greece and it holds the title of the largest in the country at 96 sq km total area and with a maximum depth of 57m. Not only is it a beautiful region for tourists but it’s also an important ecological area for lots of species of fish and birds, offering many opportunities for leisure activities such as boat rides and fishing trips.

The Prispa lakes are found in the Florina region, surrounded by mountains and thus offering some breathtaking views of the wooded slopes and the retreating glaciers. With a combined surface of over 300 sq km, the area is a known wetland region for Europe and a paradise for migratory birds.

Lake Plastira is known to locals as the “Little Switzerland” because it’s surrounded by idyllic landscape unspoiled by human intervention, despite the fact that it’s the biggest artificial lake in Greece. It offers to tourists a range of watersport activities such as canoeing, kayaking, sea biking and piroga rides.

Next to the city of Ioannina is the great lake Pamvotida (the great provider), a lake of untold beauty but also full of legends about the shores lines with thick bed of reeds and  willows where migratory birds flock to nest during the winter months on the continent.

Finally, the Lake of Kastroria is worth visiting just for the mirror-like surface which reflects the city bearing the same name, an important fur-trading center based on the once numerous beaver population that lived in the region. In fact, the name Kastor is Greek for beaver and even today, the fishing boats have to compete with the nimble water animals for the day’s catch, testament to the power and beauty of Mother Nature.


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