Yacht Charter Galaxidi – the Proud Naval Town

October 25, 2012

Galaxidi is one of those places in Greece which is perfectly suited for yacht charter tourists. Proud and aesthetically pleasing, Galaxidi flaunts its maritime heritage represented by the brave sailors who used to navigate the southern Greek coasts often found shelter in the two natural harbors of the little town.

From there on, the destiny of Galaxidi was forever linked with the sea. Today, the naval legacy is still visible in the harbor as well as in town, in the naval and folklore museums. If you should happen to wander around town, you’ll encounter even more naval-related buildings, like the old mansions of former sea captains which can be seen at either end of the narrow cobblestone streets. They will steal looks with their colorful facades, marble arches and flowered balconies.

Among the other local attractions there are the town hall, the Girls’ school, the Mpourzeiko mansion the tomb of king Locros and the remnant of the ancient wall of Oianthi. For those yacht charter tourists with a religious side, it’s recommended that you visit the Agios Nikolaos monastery with its two bell towers and imposing dome, sitting on the town’s highest point.

On the other side of the harbor, you’ll encounter the Pera Panta region, a green zone full of vegetation, which overlooks the entire city wonderfully, offering a stunning panorama of what a typical Greek coastal small town should look like.

After finishing your stroll, it’s time to grab a bit to eat, and where better than at the local restaurants which can be found in large numbers on Oianthi beach, serving delicious seafood menus. Also, the locals make a lovely type of syrup cake called ravani which you really should try.

If you’ve had enough of yacht charter Galaxidi, please keep in mind that the Delphi archaeological site is rather close and worth a day’s trip if you haven’t been there before.

Among the most appreciated local festivities there is the Carnival which features the Dionysian custom of “alevromoutzouromata” which basically means pelting one another with color flour on Clean Monday.

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