Greece Visited by a Hoard of Celebrities this summer

August 28, 2012

Despite signs of a decreasing numbers of tourists and looming dangers of economic difficulties, yacht charter Greece is still managing to prove to one and all that it hasn’t lost its appeal. It would seem that this year a virtual surge of celebrities have chosen to spend their summer time off in the country of the gods.

Heading the list of celebrities has to be famous couple Angelina and Brad who have chosen a yacht charter cruise around the island of Mykonos as well as renting a seaside villa with their 6 children in Athens. But the list does not stop there: Robert de Niro and John Travolta have been seen admiring the Acropolis in Athens, Tom Hanks was seen at the beach on the island of Antiparos in the Cyclades while Ethan Hawke was seen bathing in Costa Navarino, a luxury resort in the Peloponnese.

It seems that Greece is currently enjoying a certain surge of appeal towards the end of the summer season, with numbers of tourists flocking in greater numbers than they have done in June or July.

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