Official Numbers Reveal Number of Tourists in Greece Has Dropped

August 8, 2012

For quite some time now, we’ve been hearing news about how bad the crisis has hit Greece and especially the tourism sector which used to represent an important part of the income the locals and the government made. Official figures have been released to show exactly how bad the Greece industry has been hit.

The Bank of Greece has just released the official numbers and they don’t look good. It was revealed that 11% fewer people visited yacht charter Greece between the months of January and May of this year when compared to the previous year. That means a decrease in the sum of money spent of 12.5% which adds up to 1.48bn EUR as the Bank of Greece has announced.

Taking into consideration the fact that the Greek economy is made up of tourism income about 16.5%, this drop is surely not good news for a government that is struggling to make up its deficit as well as remain in the Euro zone.

By far the largest numbers of yacht charter tourists have come from the UK, closely followed by Germans but these numbers are decreasing constantly when compared to previous years. A category of tourists that is increasing is that of Russians who have come in larger numbers to the Greek shores.

The Greece government is announcing active measures to bolster the tourist industry and try to attract larger numbers of visitors to its shores. At the moment there are hopes of tapping into the growing market of sustainable tourism by promoting eco-friendly hotels and unspoilt areas, which the country has an abundance of. Some other directions for development include golfing holidays, conferences, and of course, the growing yacht charter market.

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