Greece Uses Volunteers to Promote Its Tourism Online

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July 16, 2012

Among all of the European countries, Greece seems to have been hit the worst in its tourism industry as a side effect of the economic crisis that’s been taking its toll on economies throughout the world.

Since Greece is one of those countries that relies heavily on income earned from tourism, it’s only natural that they try to minimize the bad effects the crisis has had on the overall reputation of the tourist infrastructure.

The latest news to come from Greece is that the Greek National Tourist Organisation (GNTO) has set up a website that aims to set the record straight in terms of the real situation of the Greek tourism industry. It’s considered that much of the bad press it has been getting is based on speculation and this new site wants to show the true current situation and perhaps bring more people to visit Greece.

Another noteworthy effort of this project is the fact that they are currently looking for young volunteers that can use social media to spread the “good Greek word” or, in other word, promote Greece as a great holiday destination.

These volunteers will be called True Supporters and all they have to do is to “tweet and share the truth about Greece by responding to inaccuracies r speculations they may come across”. This seems like a brilliant and cost-effective method of combating bad press. It uses youthful exuberance with the benefits of modern day socializing from internet media which seems to have become the main source of information for people travelling abroad on holiday.

So chances are that if you come across someone badmouthing Greece on social media websites and someone else jumps in to defend it that he or she is a True Supporter. Either way, it will be interesting to see if these young people can make a difference in the ever decreasing appeal of the Greek coastline due to signals and news of economic instability and possible crash.

In the meantime, the Greece yacht charter industry is already registering considerable losses in this year’s season and a decrease in the number of clients as high as 15% from previous years which might put some of the smaller companies out of business if they can’t make ends meet.

But this year’s season is only just beginning and good news is already coming from Greece in the form of a new democratic party that has won the elections and seeks to bring back prosperity in the country.

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