Yacht Charter Skopelos

February 10, 2012

yacht-charter-skopelosThe largest island of the northern Sporades, Skopelos lays just east of mainland Greece, northeast of the Euboea island. Bathed by the waters of the western Aegean sea, the island was called Peparethus in ancient times and it is said to have been created by one of Dionysus’ sons, Staphylos, which is Greek for grape.

Maybe because of this reason, throughout ancient times, the island was famous for its wine production. Today, the saxophone-shaped island is more famous for its touristic and yacht charter potential. At 93 sq km, it’s slightly larger than Mikonos and Santorini, and larger than the neighboring Skiathos and Alonissos.

Because of the large mountain ranges that are found on the island, yacht charter Skopelos is one of the greenest islands in Greece. You’ll see a wide range of flowers, trees, shrubs fruit trees and olive groves as well as large forests of holm oak.

During the summer months, the island’s population increases, thanks to the large numbers of Western and Northern Europeans who come here for the beautiful weather and scenery, made popular by the 2007 film “Mamma Mia!”

Gone are the days when yacht charter Skopelos made its living from agriculture. Nowadays, it’s mostly tourism that generates the income, but a lot of the old infrastructure remains, with olive and almond orchards and even some small vineyards.

A thing worth mentioning when speaking about the attractions on the island is the great number of churches and chapels (360). Interestingly enough, most of them are privately built which would explain why they are closed for most of the year, except on the name day of their patron saint.

As far as activities go, the local beaches are very popular as are the few bays around the island with the yacht charter crews. The prevalent winds blow from the north which makes the waters around the south east corner the most pleasant and the calmest.

If you want to take home a souvenir, some of the local jewelry stores are not to be missed, but you might want to skip on the knick-knacks the souvenir shops sell, because they are mostly imported and don’t really have anything to do with the island.

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