Yacht Charter Alonissos

February 6, 2012

yacht-charter-alonissosA member of the Northern Sporades group, Alonisos is one of the least touristically visited islands from the Sporades in Greece. Its size is 4.5km wide and 20km long with a total area of 64 sq km, made mostly out of limestone.

It lies just 3km east of Skopelos, east of mainland Greece, northeast of Euboea and northwest of Skyros. There is a village on the island which bears the same name of yacht charter Alonissos, but locals know it as Chora. The main port on the island is Patitiri and from there operates a ferry service to Volos and Thessaloniki on the mainland and to Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros from the neighboring islands.

The general architecture on the island is made up of stone-wall houses, mostly huddled around the capital city and its fortress walls, most of which were damaged in the 1965 earthquake. At that time, most of the inhabitants moved to Patitiri rather than to the old Alonissos, which has been reconstructed in recent years to appeal to tourists.

There is not much else to be seen on the island, apart maybe from the sea caves where seals live (but are too shy to appear).  Swimming is a favorite pastime for those arriving on the island as the waters around yacht charter Alonissos are considered among the cleanest in the Aegean. Most of the island’s beaches are on the eastern side.

The local restaurants serve some delicious fish dishes made only of the day’s catch. Among the local delicacies, you simply have to try the lobster spaghetti. Also, make sure that you sample some of the local wines which are not only rather cheap, but also very tasty, making a night out a very fun experience.

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