Superyacht Yogi Capsizes Off Greek Island Skyros

February 27, 2012

It’s usually a rare thing when a superyacht has technical difficulties, but the sea never discriminates and even the most luxurious boat can go under. Nonetheless, many were surprised to hear that the 2011-built superyacht Yogi which was sailing the Aegean Sea sank 19 miles off the coast of Greek island Skyros.

The investigation to determine the cause for the ship’s sinking is still under way but it seems at first glance that the main reason for this accident is mechanical failure. At this moment all that is known is that all 8 guests on board and members of the crew were rescued by Greek helicopters after the captain of the ship sent out a distress call saying their ship had taken water and he had given the abandon ship order.

After the signal was sent out, 2 Air Force helicopters, a Navy frigate, coastguard vessels and 4 commercial ships came to assist the sinking yacht. Since then, a video of the yacht rescue has been released, showing the boat capsized on one sized in choppy waters as helicopters hovered the area.

The passengers were airlifted into Super Puma helicopters while a safety raft was also released because strong winds hampered the rescue operation. The men who were rescued, apparently French citizens, were taken to the neighboring island of Skyros. The local weather report shows winds of 6 and 7 on the Beaufort scale blowing in the region at the time of the accident.

Now it’s been estimated that the reclaiming of the ship and its repairs will reach the sum of $45.7 million. The Yogi was a 60.2m superyacht which was able to comfortably accommodate 12 guests and was equipped with 5 double cabins, a swimming pool, a multimedia play lounge and a massage room. It had a steel hull and aluminum superstructure with a 9.4m beam and a 2.9m draft.

Burgess Yachts, the company which chartered the yacht for 357,000 EUR a week have yet to issue a statement.

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