Yacht Charter Patmos

January 18, 2012

This small island in the Aegean Sea is the northernmost of the Dodecanese islands, a very popular stop in Greece. The total area of the island is 35 sq km and it has a population of nearly 300 people. Needles to say, during the summer season, that number increases significantly when the tourists arrive.

The capital city of the island is Chora while the only commercial port is Skala. Other important settlements are Grikou and Kampos. The most notable things on the island, the ones that make it famous, are the historic center of Chora, the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse, all of which were declared world heritage sites.

The best restaurants on the island can be found in Skala and Hora and not only for their menus but also for the views they afford as they are usually set next to some important monastery up on top of a hill or cliff. Gastronomically speaking, the island doesn’t bring much novelty or ingenuity to the Greek cuisine but it’s safe to say you won’t go hungry for real traditional food while here.

One thing about the isolated and undeveloped nature of the island which some find as a blessing is that everything here is more expensive, from bottled water to toothpaste, since it has to be brought in by ship. But probably the prices weigh heavier on the locals than the western tourists. Keeping that in mind, note that yacht charter Patmos is not a place renowned for its shopping opportunities. However, you’ll find some fine jewelry shops here in Hora, ceramics and small sculptures shops which also sell hand painted icons that will make for a lovely souvenir or gift.

Since yacht charter Patmos is mostly a religious place, the nightlife here is a bit subdued. Sure, you can’t expect people in priest and monk robes walking the street, but don’t expect drunken hoards crowding the cities’ main squares at midnight, bar hopping. There are some clubs present but you’ll find they remain open for only a few weeks a year. There are some nice cafes some traditional and some with a more modern feel in cities like Skala and Hora.

If you’re looking for an interesting event on the island, know that each year in early September, the island hosts the Festival of Religious Music which resonates marvelously with all the monasteries on Patmos. This festival features music from the Balkan area, Russia and even Turkey, as well as from all over Greece.

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