Yacht Charter Lindos

January 23, 2012

yacht-charter-lindosLindos is a small village on the Greece island of Rhodes which has several things to offer to the western holidaymaker. Among the most appreciated here are the beaches, the marina and the local landscape.

Seen from afar, the village looks typically Greek, although the acropolis sports an impressive fortress under whose walls the white houses cram together to occupy the rest of the hilltop. Most of them present a historical interest since they were built in the 16th, 17th or 18th centuries, giving Lindos an inspiring air of originality among all the settlements that have lost their native Greek feel.

Getting around on foot is possible and advisable since yacht charter Lindos is fairly small. The only downsides are the rather steep inclination of the hill and the scorching heat during the afternoon. Your first visit should be to the acropolis on the top of the hill and the ruins which represent the unfinished temple of the Lindian Athena. However, the outside walls, the ones visible from afar are of Byzantine origin from the 14th century when the Crusaders came here.

Another attraction is the Tomb of Kleoboulous  which represents a small stone structure at the tip of the bay. Another famous landmark is St. Paul’s Bay, where legend has it that the saint landed on the island and brought Christianity with him.

As far as activities go, Lindos is the proud possessor of one of the best beaches Rhodes has. The downside is that they get crowded pretty easily and sometimes local authorities can’t keep up with the cleaning. If you want, there’s always the option of heading out in a boat, the locals also have a glass bottomed one from which you can observed unhindered the underwater fauna.

Yacht charter Lindos has plenty of restaurants which serve a variety of menus, ranging from local to international. English is widely spoken or at least understood by the locals which are welcoming and kind. As the sun sets, make sure you head to one of the bars in the village that have a rooftop terrace wherefrom you can watch the sunset. After that, you can head out to one of the 2 clubs in town, one of which is an open-air venue.

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