Yacht Charter Leros – The Island of Artemis

January 3, 2012

yacht-charter-lerosThe name stands for an island as well as a municipality in yacht charter Greece, but most people reffere to the island when talking about Leros. It lies in the southern Aegean Sea and it’s part of the Dodecanese archipelago.

317km from Athens, the island can be reached after an 11-hour ferry ride or by a 45-minute flight from Athens International Airport. It really depends on your budget and your disposition towards adventure how you arrive in yacht charter Leros.

74sq km in total, the length of the coastline is 71km which is enough of a play ground for those that have a yacht charter vacation in mind. Offshore, you’ll find some populated smaller islands such as Pharmakonisi, Lebitha and Kinaros, but also several uninhabited islets which make a perfect destination for a daytrip on the water.

Among the attractions of the island you’ll find the imposing medieval castle of the Knights of Saint John’s built on the ruins of a Byzantine fortress. Apart from that, the settlements on the island are medieval-looking with narrow but neat streets lined on both sides with eucalyptus and pine trees. The coastal fishing villages make for a nice place to visit, especially since the local infrastructure is pretty decent.

The nighttime entertainment is pretty lively since there is an abundance in bars and night clubs which play international and also Greek music, restaurants with live folk music which can be found in places such as Agia Marina, Panteli, Lakki and Alinta. You’ll discover that, unlike so many other places in Greece, Leros has an active nightlife all year round.

Going to the beach and getting a nice, brown tan is one of the main reasons the hordes of tourists arrive in yacht charter Leros, so here are the best beaches on the island: Alinda has both sandy and pebble beaches, Panteli also has pebbles and sandy beaches, Drymonas has a beautiful sandy beach, as do Gourna and Xirokambos. One of the longest and best beaches on Leros is in Kryfos.

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