Yacht Charter Kardamena – Enjoy Kos Island

December 20, 2011

yacht-charter-kardamenaOnce a sleepy fishing village, Kardamena blossomed sometime in the 80s as one of the most attractive resorts in Greece. The reason for this popularity is actually a combination of factors, all of which we will discuss in the course of this article, hoping to entice you to visit this location soon.

Inhabited since ancient times, the city was then called Alasarna and it was situated on the eastern coast of the Kos island, part of the Dodecanese archipelago, in the popular Aegean Sea waters. The first reason for this popularity of yacht charter Kardamena is the accessibility. The city is just 7km from Kos Island International Airport at Antimacheia, making getting here very easy as well as getting short transfer times from your plane to your hotel.

In the 80s, Kardamena had but a few hotels, restaurants and some tavernas for entertainment, but things have changed a lot since then, with more modern and spacious accommodations being built and a lot more entertainment facilities which now give the resort the reputation of being a hot spot for nightlife in the region.

Just 10 minutes from the airport by car, you’re going to be overwhelmed when you first arrive in town. There are restaurants, bars, night clubs, tavernas, as well as numerous tourist shops. In the main square you’re even going to find banks, ATMs, and the local taxi company. From there it’s only a jog to the beach which stretches for 6km, making it the longest on Kos island.

The waters in the bay are pretty shallow, which is good news for families with small children travelling here but bad news for yacht charter guests. The recommended beaches are Helona Beach and Gourniatis beach which is 4km west of the village.

At night yacht charter Kardamena really comes to life as the bars and cafes play loud music and serve cheap drinks to the hoards of British tourists who come here to enjoy a nice summer break. You’ll find that most clubs don’t charge entrance but those that do don’t charge for the first drink.

The local cuisine is mirrored perfectly in the local restaurants which can boast great services for low and decent prices. There is a wide array of recipes and prices for every pocket so make sure you shop around before going out to lunch, in order to find the beast deal for your pocket.

When it comes to activities, most revolve around the water: there is scuba diving, watersports, boat trips, fishing, and yacht charter. On land you can as much fun as on the water with go karts, horse rides, bowling, football playing, and shopping of course. This is especially popular with the ladies as you’ll find plenty of souvenir shops here to spend your money.

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