Yacht Charter Paxos

November 25, 2011

yacht-charter-paxosKnown in yacht charter Greece as Paxi, this island is the smallest from the Heptanese, also known as the Ionian islands. The main town on the island is Paxoi and the seat of the municipality is Gaios. In ancient mythology the island is said to have been created by the god of the waters, Poseidon, who struck Corfu island with his trident and thus Paxos came into existence as the island of his wife, Amphitrite.

The geography of the island is mainly rugged in relied, which translates in high coastlines with steep, white chalk cliffs which are severely eroded at sea level creating intricate cave systems which can be explored by yacht charter tourists. Much of the island is covered by olive groves which is an indication of the past when olive oil together with soap manufacture and fishing were the mainstays of locals, prior to the tourist boom in the 60s.

Paxos, thankfully, has been missed by the mass tourist hoards that have invaded other Greek islands. Maybe this is due to the lack of airport or simply because there is so little to do! Those seeking action packed adventure holidays may be disappointed.  (The distinct lack of nightclubs?) No, Paxos offers those who enjoy Greece gone by, quiet beaches, time to catch up on reading a favourite book or the starting of the much delayed memoir?

It is hard to describe the way Paxos makes you feel. From the moment you arrive – stepping off the hydrofoil or seaplane, to your first visit to a local taverna on the Loggos water front, you manage to leave your problems behind. It is not just that Paxos is years from anywhere, or that the pace of life is so much slower, but probably something to do with the friendly locals and climate.

The islanders of Paxos do a complete change around from summer to winter. During the summer months, many are running or working in restaurants and tavernas to cater for the tourist. While during the winter months, help with the olive gathering and harvest, any building/maintenance repairs and some having a well earned holiday.

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