yacht-charter-chaniaWe would like to reveal to you today, one of the best kept secrets of Greece up until the 1980s – the picturesque town of Chania on Crete island. This small town is nestled perfectly between the sea and the mountains and has a lovely architecture to boot. Really, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t come here.

The real flavor of this ancient town lies in the labyrinth of narrow streets that takes the tourist on a head-spinning trip around the Venetian-Turkish inspired buildings which still bear the marks of the heavy bombings the town underwent during the Second World War. In fact, much of the appeal of the town is due to this state of disrepair which is present on some of the buildings that have since been turned into shops or restaurants.

And speaking of restaurants, you’ll find a wide range of menus and there are even some with decent prices, especially around the old harbor, which means yacht charter sailors are privileged. As far as shopping goes, there are nice jewelry, leather good and ceramics, rugs and other handicraft available for purchase in Chania. But, as always, it will take some time to find tasteful, authentic souvenirs for back home, so get ready for some hunting.

After dark, most people will go hunting for a crowded bar or a pub or even a club, but if you really want to experience the nighttime charm of yacht charter Chania, try to explore the old streets by taking a ride on a horse carriage or enjoying a quiet drink at one of the cafes and bars in the old quay.

If you really go out and explore you might discover some really nice places that are also unique, like the Tzamia-Krystalla café, which also doubles up as gallery and a performance venue. And, finally, there are also some movie houses scattered around town, that show films outside or inside in their original language, not a bad way of spending a peaceful night out.

In summer, Chania also hosts a festival dedicated to culture which features drama, symphonic music, jazz, dance and traditional songs. Just come from June to September and you’re bound to catch any of these shows at the local theaters.

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