The Best Nightlife Spots in Greece

November 27, 2011

yacht-charter-greece-partyWhile the vast majority of people visiting Greece comes here for the weather and the sea, a few come here for the party atmosphere and the nighttime entertainment or even some hot socializing opportunities.

For those that also want to get a taste of the local culture life after dark, we definitely recommend the Epidaurus Festival in Athens, where you can go at the event “Theater under the Stars”. There’s something very entertaining about enjoying a theater play under the night sky in a place that has been displaying plays since ancient times.

For a real party experience, you should really travel to yacht charter Mykonos island in the Cyclades, where you’ll find a good time, no matter what season it is. Just start walking along the city’s narrow streets and you’ll find plenty of parties to attend. However, the general rule is that during the 3 summer months the crowds ten to become more unrestrained, while the rest of the year it’s more sophisticated and sober.

Rhodes island in the yacht charter Dodecanese has it all: cafes, casinos, bars, live music venues and everything in between. It scores points for variety but also for the quality of the people who show up, who are not as wild as in other places in Greece.

In Skiathos , part of the yacht charter Sporades, you’ll find a lot of good clubs which get very crowded during summer with mostly younger tourists so if you’re looking for a more dignified party scene this might not be the place for you.

But probably the best party destination in all of yacht charter Greece is Corfu island because it has the highest concentration of nighttime entertainment spots in all of the country, the best beaches and the best beach parties. Here, you’ll find young tourism looking for a “wild” time, but there are also venues that cater to a more sedate and mature audience.

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