Sea Dream Yacht Club to Introduce 2012 Cruise after the Voyages of Apostle Paul

November 18, 2011

seadream-IIThis is one of the more unusual pieces of news to come out of Greece this week. The SeaDream Yacht Club has announced the creation of a special trip aboard its 112-passenger luxurious SeaDream II which will last for 8 nights, and will sail the Aegean Sea, following in the path of Paul the Apostle, also known to people as Saint Paul, whose letters form a great part of the New Testament in the Bible.

The itinerary follows ports in Greece and Turkey, but also includes trips on land to religious and historical buildings that could pose interest to someone who would take a cruise on this ship. Bob Lepisto, president of SeaDream Company had this to say: “We’re excited to introduce this voyage. Guests will enjoy award-winning service and cuisine SeaDream is known for, while partaking in an authentic travel experience SeaDream continues to create a variety of new itineraries, many of which feature unique experiences that cannot be matched on the larger ships”.

The itinerary of the trip is as follows:  leaving from Istambul on June 30th, then to Dikili, Kusadasi, Demre in Turkey, after that moving to Greece, first to Rhodes, then Hydra, and finally to Piraeus on the 8th of July.

In every port, passengers will be taken on land to visit churches or old religious relics, synagogues, temples and generally anything that has to do with religion in an effort to discover as much as possible from the ancient way of life from the time when St. Paul sailed these shores.

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