A New Marina for the Thessaloniki Port

November 26, 2011

yacht-charter-thessalonikiDespite the precarious economic state in yacht charter Greece, it seems the tourist industry, the country’s main income earner, can’t be stopped. Plans are underway for a new marina in the busy harbor of Thessaloniki.

The port of Thessaloniki is the second largest in the country and that’s not something to be taken likely in a country where you’re never too far from the sea. And now the Thessaloniki Port Authority has announced that it has received 3 offers from contractors in order to build and operate a new marina that was estimated at $15.4 million. This piece of news comes as a confirmation of the efforts of local authorities which are trying to improve tourism in the northern Greek port.

The marina is planned to have 218 berths and an estimated build time of around 3 years. The agreed concession on the marina once it will be built is for at least 30 years. After completion, the authorities are planning a sale of as much as 75% stake in the port in 2012 in an effort to raise 50 billion EUR by 2015 from state-asset sales as well as real-estate development.

What this means for the yacht charter regular is of course more moorings in a part of the Greece coast that wasn’t exploited so far at its full potential. Also, a new marina is always a great piece of news for any pleasure sailor because new marinas have the newest and best technologies for protection and customer services. So now all we need to do is to wait the 3 years estimated for building and hope the new marina will look as good in real life as it does on paper.

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