Yacht Charter Syros Marina – The Perfect Stop When Visiting the Cyclades

October 24, 2011

yacht-charter-syros-marinaThe Syros marina or Ormos Phoinikos is perfectly located within the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, so that most of the sailors passing by thought here make stops here for at least one night.

The Syros island is part of the Cyclades archipelago, a famous yacht charter region in Greece, which gets lots of visitors every year who come here to explore the Greek way of life, the beauty of the landscape and the wonderful sailing potential.

The marina itself is located near the commercial harbor on the eastern coast, in a large natural bay and it protected by large breakwater from strong winds and currents coming from out at sea, by creating a narrow opening in the middle of the bay.

The marina is also close to the main town on the island, Syros Ermoupolis, to the northwest. You’ll find the marina at the coordinates 37°25.82 N latitude and 24°56.50 E longitude. Water depth at the entry is between 2 and 4 metres and anchoring is done stern to peer. Additional mooring can be found in the port in the north.

Although not a luxurious marina, the Syros marina has the basic amenities such as showers and toilets for the crews as well as water and electricity for the boats. Despite these relatively Spartan conditions, the marina enjoys a large number of boats, especially since it’s open all year round.

Also in the marina you’ll find a restaurant, a reception, a café, a car rental station and a supermarket just outside the marina. A very important aspect of the marina is the fact that so close to the city and that means you have access to the local airport with a short transfer time. Additional services inside the marina include a bank, ATM, a postal service and even a laundry service.

Since the island of yacht charter Syros is considered by many as the cultural centre of the Aegean Sea, there are plenty of reasons for you to come for a sailing holiday here. Here, you’ll find many museums, neoclassical mansions and aristocratic resorts. They are already popular with western tourists so you should feel right at home.

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