Yacht Charter Skiathos Marina – Visiting the Sporades

October 21, 2011

yacht-charter-skiathos-marinaBelonging to the Delos group, this Greece marina offers services of the highest standard. Besides, the best charter base for a cruise in the Sporades islands, some of the best and most authentic Greek experiences a tourist can encounter.

The marina was born out of a strict necessity to provide shelter and provisions to the growing number of tourists coming to Skiathos island in easternyacht charter Greece, in the Aegean Sea. In consequence, the Skiathos marina is the only private marina on the island and it’s located right next to the commercial port, a fact which has more than a few benefits.

The first would be that the marina is very conveniently located just 2km from the island’s airport and heliport, making the possibilities of getting here and the transfer options that much easier. That’s why during the summer months you’re going to find many vessels moored at this marina.

The geographic position of the yacht charter Skiathos marina is within the big bay that also houses the commercial port (directly to the south), with the coordinates 023° 29΄ E 039° 09΄ N. The waters here are deep and there are no major dangers when approaching the marina which has one major pier along which the boats are moored.

Since the marina has only one pier, only 70 berths exist foryachts and catamarans with the promise of a future extension to 350 berths. The berths all have drinking water and electricity supply. Remember that in Greece drinking water is very expensive and considered somewhat of a luxury. There is no fuel station for boats, but fuel is delivered to your boat by car-tanker.

There are only basic facilities in the marina itself, such as toilets and showers, bars and restaurants, but the main street in town is just 5 minutes by foot, literally placing you in the city center as soon as you set foot on land. This offers tourists a range of options when it comes to dining, shopping or provisioning.

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