Marina Mandraki in Yacht Charter Rhodes – Eastern Greece like you’ve Never Seen It

October 14, 2011

yacht-charter-mandraki-marinaFor those who hope to get a mooring place in the town port of Rhodes in eastern Greece during the high season, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, Mandraki marina is a great place to start your Mediterranean adventure, among the Dodecanese islands or even the Turkish coast.

The Rhodos Mandraki marina is in fact the old town harbor. Now for those who are not familiar with the history of this place, the entrance of the old harbor of Rhodes is said to have been guarded by the Colossus, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Sadly, the Colossus is long gone but the sailors can still enjoy that ancient mystique in a modern setting.

The marina is located in the north part of yacht charter Rhodes island, along the other ports of the old town, which is the furthest to the north, with the coordinates 36°26′ N 28°14′ E. From out at sea, the marina is easy to make out thanks to the medieval castle that sits just above it on a hill. Also, opposite the marina, the visiting skipper can see the main market street.

Because the Mandraki marina is actually the old town port means that it’s not going to offer the facilities of a modern private marina, but regardless of that fact, it seems to be very popular with the sailing circuit regulars, especially during the summer months when a berth in town is a very precious commodity, simply because there are so few of them.

A reason for that could be the position of the Rhodes island and the yacht charter Rhodes town in particular, a gateway to the Dodecanese island and even the shores of Turkey. Also, the marina is conveniently situated just 30 minutes from the airport by car and 20 minutes from the commercial ferry by foot. This connects with the numerous neighboring islands not to mention with resorts in Turkey, such as Marmaris

The marina itself has 120 berths which are obviously never enough during the summer months, a reason for which a booking in advance would be a good idea. Berths have water and power supply (220V) as well as the basic facilities of toilets, hot water showers, a mini market and grocery shops, a parking lot and a taxi stand for those sailing crews with a trip around town in mind.

Beside the fact that it gets busy during the summer time, the fact that the facilities here are pretty basic, Mandraki marina is really a great place to moor, since the ancient town of Rhodes is a starting point for many yachting itineraries in the Mediterranean.

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