Yacht Charter Marina Lefkas – Your Gateway to the Ionian Islands

October 7, 2011

yacht-charter-Lefkas-marinaThe Marina Lefkas offer so much more than great conditions and a mooring place for an overnight stay, it offers a gateway to the famous Ionian Islands, one of the most visited places in Greece by sailors.

This is a modern marina by all standards; yacht charter Lefkas Marina has opened its gates to the public in 2002 and is still welcoming guests to this day. This open all year round location can be found on Lefkas Island in Greece. The island itself is south of Corfu and north of Zakynthos, on the western shore of the peninsula, in an area that receives annually a great number of tourists. The exact coordinates of the marina are 38°49,8′ N 20°42,8′ E.

The self-proclaimed most modern marina of the Mediterranean lies on the eastern side of the island near the town of Lefkas, near the main harbor. You simply can’t miss it, since it’s located near the 50m long bridge that links the island with mainland yacht charter Greece. This is, undoubtedly, a plus, since it facilities access for crews arriving here by car.

At the entrance to the marina there is a large breakwater, but it’s not one of the most accessible entries since it’s located within a large canal (the Lefkas Canal) which separates the island from the mainland and is bordered by a huge saltwater marsh. In order to aid skippers, a separation system marked with buoys has been installed so all you have to do is to keep well within the safe zone. The marina provides you with radio assistance on VHF channel 69 and more assistance once you reach your berth.

The marina has a maximum capacity of 620 berths for boats up to 45m in length and a maximum draught of 4m. There are also dry docking facilities for about 280 boats in case you’re looking for a place to “winter” your boat. The berths come with electricity (both 220 and 380V) as well as a fresh water supply.

You’ll also find some repair facilities, including a 150t travel lift and a 70t mobile crane. These can provide a range of services from power washing to hull repair and maintenance on your boat. A fuel station that has petrol and diesel can also be found at the location. Sailing visitors can use the marina’s toilets and showers, the boat rental agency, the port office police, the laundry service and the first aid station in case of emergency.

The hinterland region of the marina is also a suitable tourist location, since there are numerous attractions and day trip possibilities. The neighboring town of Lefkas is the main draw for the tourists, since it provides them with all the shopping, visiting and entertainment needs. Here, you’ll also find lots of beaches, museums, bars and restaurants. Remember that the town’s main street is just minutes away from the marina by foot.

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