Yacht Charter Marina Lavrion – At Home in the Cyclades

October 3, 2011

yacht-charter-marina-lavrionOne of the biggest attractions in Greece, the Cyclades groups of islands are a must visit destination and the best place to start your exploration is the Lavrion marina. Recently rebuilt, it’s visited by many sailors and it’s also very easily accessible, being a decent distance from Athens airport.

To the veteran yacht charter sailors It’s a known fact that the Greek islands offer some of the best sailing in the world, and recently, with the tourism industry boom in Greece, many marinas are beginning to reach a standard of quality that gives justice to the boatmen. For instance, take the yacht charter Lavrion marina, located at the southern tip of the Greek peninsula, near the town of Lavrio or Lavrion as the tourists call it.

The port was actually cleaned up for the 2004 Olympics and now it’s a common meeting place for many regulars every year. It can be found on the east coast of the southern tip of the Greek peninsula, near the island of Nikos Makronisos, which is why it’s considered to be a gateway to the Cyclades islands. The exact position of the marina is 37°41 9′N, 24°03 3′E.

Entry to the marina is made from the east, making a westward course. There are no hazards upon approach as the water depth is satisfactory, although you’ll find that there is plenty of traffic at times, since the port also has regular ferry runs from Kavala, Kea and Piraeus. The marina has two large breakwaters, one marked in green (southeast) and one in red (southwest) flashing lights, that act as a warning incoming skippers.

The main offices are approximately 200m inside the marina, where you can book a berth and go through all formalities of checking in. There is a nearby boatyard that can provide quality service should you need work done on your boat (especially fiberglass work). There are also an extensive number of berths in this marina (close to 700) yet at times it will be difficult to find a free one during the week, especially due to the summer crowds.

A definite deficiency of the marina is the absence of showers and toilets on the premises, although some of the guests make good use of the toilets in the nearby restaurants and clubs. Also, there is no petrol station, but fuel is brought in by tanker on the quay and distributed from there at a hefty price, of course. Parking is free but the downside is that the area is not guarded which is not so bad because the premises is a known as a rather safe zone to leave your vehicle.

Other services being offered here include a 24/7 taxi stand which always has cars on call, but that proves to be often unnecessary since the town of Lavrion is just 10 minutes away by foot. Here, the sailing crew can get most of their shopping done in the local supermarkets. The alternative is to have your grocery list forwarded to the marina staff 2 weeks prior to your arrival and they’ll have it waiting for you when you get here.

All in all, the region of yacht charter Lavrion is worth a daytrip inland, since there are many ancient ruins like in many other parts of Greece. Especially famous are the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon at the edge of Cape Sounion, as well as many deserted mines dating as far back as antiquity.

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