Yacht Charter Syros – The Center of the Cyclades

September 8, 2011

yacht-charter-syrosSyros remains one of the most authentic Greek towns manages to be attractive without being positioned on the regular tourist routes. This is themain reason why this twn remains a major  Greece attraction and the thing that makes it stand out from the rest of the resorts found in the Aegean. So if you’re a fan of the ancient architecture and wand to discover the old Greek way of life, come to Syros.

Why come here

Though part of the Greek Cyclades Islands, which are a known sailing holiday destination, yacht charter Syros is still considered to be unaffected by the large tourist flow and thus maintains that Greek authentic feel, which is why some many come here on vacation anyway.

This important port in Greece is located in the Aegean Sea, 144km southeast of Athens. Among the important cities on the island are Ermoupoli, Ano Syros and Poseidonia. The island has 87km of coastline and two main bays where sailors can bring their boats: Ermoupoli in the east and Finikas in the west.

What to see

There is a reason this island is the administrative center of the Cyclades. All the cities here maintain that classic Greek look and even the villages on the island are considered tourist attractions. Tourist crews can walk around the narrow streets of Ermoupolis or visit Plateia Miaouli, one of the most famous plazas in Greece.

When it comes to eating, the locals have the same Greek wholesome taste for food and it shows in their cuisine. You’ll find good food in most of the local establishments, ranging from the taverns around the harbor to the classy restaurants in the city center. Apart from local dishes, your crew can opt for either an Italian, Asian or Mexican menu.

After you’ve had your fill, it’s time to head out into town for a night of fun. Most of the clubs and bars are concentrated in Ermoupolis. You can find piano bars, jazz clubs, ambiance bars and dance clubs huddled together in the area known to tourists and locals alike as Limokathartiria.

What to do

The most important local festival occurs in summer and is organized in Ermoupolis under the name Ermoypoleia, with many cultural events, concerts, theaters plays and art exhibits for the visitor to enjoy. The is also a sporting event called Vikeleia in honor of the president of the first modern Olympics, Dimitrios Vikelas.

Another popular local festival is Koyloyma in Galissa which revolves around traditions, costume balls and music, while in the month of August, yacht charter Syros celebrates the famous August Moon Feast. These are but a few of the many celebrations holidaymakers can enjoy while in Syros, but there are many more throughout the year.

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