Yacht Charter Marina Kos – A Marina for All Seasons

September 23, 2011

yacht-charter-kos-marinaA great place for small and large yachts alike, the Kos marina is the pride of the Dodecanese islands and one of the best in the whole Greece. Make sure you moor here when visiting the island.

The marina takes its name after the Greek island on which it sits, Kos, and it can be found by the adventurous sailor in the heart of the Dodecanese islands in the Mediterraean, just off the coast of Turkey. However, the marina is not located in Kos harbor, but a mile southeast from town, in a bay with an elongated shape that opens up to the east, which provides good protection from the currents.

The marina can be found at the following coordinates 36° 53’ N 27o 18’ E and it’s made its name as asafe and modern marina, despite the fact it’s been in existence since May 2001. The entry point is facing east and is protected by a strong breakwater that not only offers protection from the waves but also the winds and swells that might affect moored boats.

Incoming skippers who make up their mid about coming here have to take into consideration the fact that the region of the Dodecanese, while popular with sailing enthusiasts (due to the great number of sailor-friendly locations, the attractions and the proximity to the Turkish coast), is not suited for beginners as weather conditions (the strong Metelmi wind in July) and the general geography could pose some problems to the inexperienced yacht captain.

In contrast, the Kos Marina is very safe and probably the only marina that has 24/7 guard patrols, both inside and outside the marina grounds. There is an auxiliary camera system watching over the berths at all times, so you and all the other guests should feel safer here than you do in your own home.

Each of the 220 berths found here has water (both fresh and sea water) and power supply (220/380V and from 16 to 125 amps), telephone and satellite TV connection, fire prevention and alarm system and an emergency kit comprised of lifebuoys, lifelines, emergency telephones plus rescue ladders.

To the paying customer, the marina offers a series of services such as pilot speedboat, toilet & showers, pilot, pump sewage service, waste oil disposal, fuel pump station, free parking and, for those special occasions, the marina can provide a meeting room, weather reports, internet and international telephone services, baggage storage and postal services, which is somewhat more than you usually get in a marina.

Also on the marina grounds you’ll find a shopping center with a cafeteria, a restaurant, a laundry service, souvenir shops, safety equipment shops, rent a car, yacht brokers and travel agencies. If you don’t like the local setting, there are taxis waiting to take to the historic town of Kos, minutes away, in case you and your crew are up for a day trip or a night on the town.

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