Yacht Charter Marina Gouvia – A Safe Port in Corfu

September 19, 2011

yacht-charter-marina-gouviaThis marina is located close to the town centre and also quite close to the airport of Corfu, which is one of the most famous islands in all of  Greece, making this location frequently visited by yachting aficionados.

The Gouvia marina can be found in the town with the same name which lies on the northeastern shore of the island of yacht charter Corfu, on what many boatmen consider to be the line that separates the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

Not only is Gouvia Marina the first privately owned marinas in Greece, but it’s also one of the most famous in the world because it acts as a gateway to the Adriatic and is very close to a number of traditional sailing destinations such as Paxos, the Diapontian islands and Syvota. It’s also close to the port of Corfu and the international Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias. It’s located in a very safe bay and has served as a harbor since ancient times. The marina was built in 1996 and today ii has 960 berths on the water alone.

The entry point into the marina is marked with two green and two red lights. All incoming boats wishing to enter must contact the marina on radio channel 69 VHF. Full assistance is offered from the marina’s personnel.

The total capacity of the marina is an amazing 1100, but there are also an additional 520 spaces within the dry dock facilities. The services offered by this marina are the very best and their range is about the widest you can get at sea today. The moorings can fit boats up to 80m in length and have a depth up to 5.5m.

There is also technical support offered at Marina Gouvia and it’s quite impressive. From bodywork to paint and underwater repairs and inspections (and everything in between – mechanical, electrical, electronic, carpentry, upholstery and sails), the staff here is fully equipped to handle all your needs and solve all your major problems. Heavy equipment includes a 65t travel lift and a 45t wheel crane.

The client area includes lots of stores, boat, car and motorbike rental agencies, a number of bars and restaurants, a gas station, a supermarket, a laundry service, pool access, sports facilities and many more. There are few things here you might want and not be able to find.

Outside of the marina, the backcountry is full of top hotels in case you want to see more of the island, and there is the added option of using traditional accommodation. You can engage in a number of sports, including tennis, cricket (Corfu’s favorite sport), horse riding and golf. On water, there are just as many options.

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