Yacht Charter Crete – The Largest Island in Greece

September 30, 2011

yacht-charter-creteCrete is without a doubt one of coolest places in  Greece. What other place can claim it is the birthplace of Zeus, the ruler of the Gods? But besides spawning the head of the Greek Pantheon, Crete is also home to the Minoan civilization and today it has evolved into an attractive touristic region.

The sailing enthusiast is going to like it here because of all the prime quality beaches with fine, white sand, the kind you only see in postcards. And if that wasn’t enough, the water color here strongly resembles that of the blue Curacao. There are plenty water-related activities herein yacht charter Crete, Greece’s largest island.

When you’re done roasting on the beach, there is a lot of history to be explored in Crete, like the Heraklion Archaeological Museum which contains remains of the famous ancient town of Knossos. When you’re done, make sure you also visit El Greco’s birthplace, the 1000 year-old plane tree in Fodele, Anogia village which perfectly illustrates Cretan rural life, the Venetian-like Chania and the Renaissance-inspired Rethymnon which still maintains its Ottoman charm.

The best places to eat in Crete are the family-run tavernas which serve unique recipes such as sautéed goat, snails and fennel pie, washed down with incredibly strong raki. You’ll also find delicious the Middle-eastern-inspired recipes.

The shops here will entice the sailor with a number of goods such as needlework, ceramics, carvings or prints, leatherwork, furs or jewelry, rugs, icons, ecclesiastical books and religious items and a lot more.

The nightlife isn’t as fun as other places in Greece, say Skiathos, which draws in much younger crowds, but there are some venues where one can get a little party atmosphere, especially for larger groups of friends. But if you’re looking for a wild party scene, then Crete is not the place for you.

In later years, yacht charter Crete has become quite the attraction for biking tourists and more and more operators are organizing bike tours, some of which go on for several days. If you’re the action-type holidaymaker, this could be the thing for you. It’s nice to take in the island in your own pace and experience this ancient piece of land.

The bottom line is that when you’re in Crete, the best things you can do is travel around the island and spend each night in a different place, preferably in one of the picturesque villages along the coast. For this, a yacht charter vacation would be the ideal means of transport and the best way to enjoy the island.

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