Yacht Charter Samos – A Refreshing Change of Pace

August 29, 2011

yacht-charter-samosAmong the many things Samos has to offer to anyone landing on its shores: history, good wine, good food, merry people that enjoy life, and the famous Greek sun that shines in the Aegean Sea all year round, sailing seems to be among the top of the tourist prefereces, making it a top Greece destination.


In the North Aegean Sea, south of Chios and north of Patmos, there lies the island of yacht charter Samos, a mountainous patch of land which is known throughout the world for the grapes growing here and for the wine made from them. The fact that it’s also close to the Turkish mainland makes it a popular stopping point for travelers between the two countries.


With its long history spanning out to ancient times, with old temples and resounding names such as Pythagoras connected to these shores, tourists on a sailing trip can expect an enriching historical experience while in Samos. Anything from Egyptian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman landmarks are located here.


Even though the island is full of vestiges of all the past civilizations that passed by here, none are more famous and more sought after by the crowds than the Tunnel of Eupalinos and the Temple of Hera. But don’t think that yacht charter Samos is just an open air museum, because there are also lots of lovely beaches for you and your party to enjoy. The most popular is Gagkou Beach where you can sit on the beach, go diving water skiing and even fishing if you’re looking for some relaxation.


Shopping in Greece is mostly about the local food since almost every tourist wants to get a taste of real Greek produce. But the locals offer you some other natural products to enjoy, such as honey, wine, vinegar, herbs and spices, not to mention all those delicious sweets, some with an oriental influence. Other products worth purchasing here are carpets and rugs, leather products, handicrafts and jewelry.


Being located at the border between two great civilizations, Samos’s cuisine is a mixture of Greek and Oriental food, with a bounty of seafood recipes. The local specialty which is enjoyed by every gourmand coming here is the gemista (tomatoes, peppers or egg-plants stuffed with rice). As far as fish specialties go, smoked herring, anchovy fillet and grilled cooked tuna rank aong the top three.


When it comes to night time entertainment, you’ll find that the island of yacht charter Samos offers a variety of bars, coffee houses, discos, taverns and restaurants to suit all tastes. Samos and Vathy hold the most bars and discos while Karlovassi and Pythagorion have restaurants, taverns and cafes with live Greek music. Most of the venues play a mixture of international and local music.


The two main festivals on the island are Manolis Kalomoiris and the Wine Festival, but there are lots more happening all summer long, coinciding with thesummer sailing season. The first of the two is a cultural festival, with music and theater, while the latter is an obvious celebration of the local wine brands.

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