Yacht Charter Préveza – The Picturesque Side of the Ambracian Gulf

August 12, 2011

yacht-charter-prevezaYacht charter Preveza is not only known for its medieval beauty but also for its shopping possibilities and for the relative accessibility which makes this a godd destination for sailing enthusiasts planning to go through or in Greece for their vacation.

Why come here

Right at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf sits the town of  yacht charter Preveza, on a strip of land that overlooks the Ionian Sea. This picturesque region in Greece has been long inhabited, since ancient times and today, modern tourists can admire the ruins of the ancient city of Nicopolis just 5 miles from Preveza, which was built to commemorate the victory after the famous Roman battle of Actium.

The city is the capital of the prefecture with the same name and it’s located 385 km from Athens. The main attractions of famous region are the thermal baths and the wonderful scenery constituted by the Thesprotian Mountains, not to mention the blue waters of the Ionian Sea which draw the sailing crowds during the summer months like moths to a flame.

What to see

The town of yacht charter Preveza is sort of a contrast, because it manages to merge modernity with ancient charm and peaceful quiet with a lively atmosphere. The main attractions are the Castle of Prevenze which sits high above the rest of the city and thus offers great views to visitors making the trip here, but also the harbor which is full of all sorts of boats and yachts in summer. Those of you with a taste for history are sure to make a trip down to the remains of the ancient city of Nicopolis.

Where to hang out


When it comes to eating out in yacht charter Preveza, the locals have down to an art. The seafood dishes blend perfectly into the Greek cuisine and to match that salty sea taste, you can eat your food at any of the venues situated around the harbor promenade, especially made for skippers and sailors.

A special bonus for all the party people out there but also yachting aficionados with a taste for the finer things in life, all the traditional ouzeries and tavernas which serve some of the local alcoholic mixtures as well as provide you with nighttime entertainment in the purest Greek atmosphere, with live music and lots of fun.

We’ve left this section of the presentation especially towards the end, the part with the beaches in yacht charter Preveza. Heading north along the coast you’ll find beautiful coastal hamlets where you can leave your boat while you lay in the fine sands some of the most popular beaches are Loutsa and Ammoudia, by the banks of the Aherontas river.

As far as events go, summer months bring a multitude of theatrical and musical happenings to yacht charter Preveza, which are a taste of the local culture for all parties and are also a nice way to pass the warm evenings or the hot afternoons.

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