Top 10 Islands for Greece

July 12, 2011

The list of the beautiful islands  in Greece is long, but among these there are a few which are really worthy of their fame: beautiful beaches, ancient cities, historical sites, picturesque villages – these are just some of the wonders that you can find in our Top 10 Greek Islands:

yacht-charter-corfu1. Corfu: the green island of the Ionian Islands, with its unique Venetian capital. Romantic beaches (33 of them awarded with the blue flag) and idyllic bays aren’t missing here. Beyond the landscape, the sunshine and some of the best sailing and water sports conditions in the Mediterranean the island is famous for the Corfiots friendliness and kindness to tourists.
2. Mykonos: “high-life” in Greece’s Ibiza.  Starting place for the sacred island of Delos, the island is proud of it’s  same named city and the many beautiful beaches with golden sand and attractive locations.
3. Santorini: the fabulous places of the volcanic island must be visited several times and in order to be fully discovered as well as the surreal places on the outskirts with their unforgettable sunsets (the village of Oia in the north is very popular for sunset viewing). Even though very crowded in high season, Santorini offers you an experience you must embrace on your yacht charter holiday in Greece!
4. Aegina: The imposing Temple of Aphaia, a local deity of pre-Hellenic times is the most popular attraction on the “home island” of  the Athenians. The temple, decorated with Trojan War sculptures, stands on a pine covered hill with a wonderful view over the Saronic Gulf as far as Cape Sunion.
5. Delos: former religious center of ancient times, the island is now an archeological site with no permanent population. The island is a soothing contrast to the agitated life in Mykonos, although in summer it can get quite full with visitors.
yacht-charter-santorini6. Kos: ” The Island of History” and home of the famous physician Hippocrates is considered to be the birth place of Western medicine. The most scenic and secluded beaches boast on the thinly populated region southwest of the airport (the most beautiful among them are: Magic, Sunny, Langhades, Paradise, Camel)
7. Crete: one of the most popular destinations for sailing in Greece, Crete always manages to convince with its picturesque scenery, beautiful beaches and archaeological sites.
8. Rhodes: ” The Sun Island” and its two beautiful cities of Rhodes and Lindos should not miss from the route of passionate yacht charter sailors in Greece
9. Patmos: an island of special religious significance,offers landscapes and architecture typical to the Cyclades region.
10. Chios: The most beautiful Aegean Island houses in its contrasting landscapes, the beautiful monastery Nea Moni. Here yacht charter guests will be surprised to find amazing untouched little villages and sandy beaches.

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