The Epidaurus Festival Reaches its 40th Edition

July 1, 2011

epidaurus festival logoGreece is famous for some of the oldest cultural and sporting events in the world, like the Olympics. One of those cultural events which aims to reenact the old Greek theater is the Epidaurus festival, which is but a part of the larger, Hellenic Festival.

The festival takes place in the acoustically and visually impressive Epidaurus theatre, located in the city with the same name, some 125km south of Athens, along the coast. The aim of this festival which in 2011 reaches its 40th edition is to popularize the ancient Greek plays, the backbone of today’s theatre and indeed all of the performing arts.

For yacht charter sailors, this would be the perfect opportunity to take a sailing trip to Greece and also catch up on one of the most important cultural events in the country. As part of the Hellenic Festival, there are several other manifestations all over town and some even back in Athens, for those that will be arriving here by plane and probably in Athens first.

And since the event takes place all summer long, the yacht charter crew can simply choose one of the events that appeal to them the most and arrive in Greece on the specified date. Running from June well into October, there is plenty of time to catch one of the plays, the concerts or any other event happening in Epidaurus.

The good news is that this year there a ferry line running from Athens to Epidaurus has been introduced in an effort to aid culture lovers get to the city faster and cheaper. The tickets for most of the events cost somewhere between 5 and 20 euros so, if you’re already in the region, spending a nice holiday, why not spend a night out on the town at a nice cultural event?

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