Yacht Charter Piraeus – Second Largest Port in Greece

June 14, 2011

Yacht Chater PiraeusOne of the biggest and oldest ports in yacht charter Greece, Piraeus enjoys a privileged position on the Greek map, one that has been noticed by many enthusiasts who use it as a base for exploring the these shores. So make sure you stop by this cosmopolite town and harbor for a real Greek experience.

Why come here

Yacht charter Piraeus was born in the 5th century BC, being one of the most important harbors in Greece both in ancient times and in more modern days, thanks to its strategic location and to its proximity to the country’s capital, Athens. Piraeus does present interest to travelers thanks to its wonderful scenery and numerous marinas which line the dented shores of the peninsula.

The name yacht charter Piraeus would translate into “the place over the passage” because the city sits on a steep hill overlooking a wide plain that used to be flooded regularly by sea waters and thus made for a difficult passage. So important was the harbor for the city’s development that periods of trade decrease coincided with stagnation of the city. This remains true to this day, when the harbor is still the beating heart of the urban agglomeration, with charter tourists coming in from all corners of the world to moor their boats here.

Among the top ranking landmarks in yacht charter Piraeus for visitors you’ll find the Archeological Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Municipal Gallery, but for boat lovers it’s also worth noting that the harbor itself and the numerous marinas can constitute a touristic objective, after all, this is the largest commercial port in Greece and Pasalimani Marina is one of the largest in all Mediterranean.

The food here is by excellence relying on seafood specialties, with many venues, especially around the harbor competing to serve the best exquisite dishes to the masses of sailors. The reason so many eating places are huddled together around the port is because Piraeus is a departure point for the Greek islands so many make an eating stop here before heading out further to sea.

You’ll find that nightlife in yacht charter Piraeus is cosmopolite and capable of fulfilling your every wish, being in a fierce competition with Athens. The first thing that will catch the tourist’s eye is the myriad of cafes, bars and clubs which cover a wide range of prices, from the cheapest to the most expensive. But in case you can’t find anything you like, there’s always the half hour trip to Athens, that’s sure to be to your liking.

A big city such as yacht charter Piraeus (third largest in terms of population in Greece) has many celebrations throughout the year, but the visiting guest will be surprised to find out that most of these are related to some religious event. The biggest one involves both religion and boats and is called Epiphany, where boats are blessed by priests for good luck and to ward off evil.

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