Yacht Charter Paros – The Center of the Cyclades

June 8, 2011

Yacht Charter ParosThough not as famous as other destinations in Greece Cyclades islands such as Santorini or Mykonos for example, Paros does however manage to rank high in the preferences of sailors from around Europe thanks to its old-world look and feel, great number of activities and not to mention great sailing conditions.

Why come here

Yacht Charter Paros is the second largest of the Cyclades islands with a total land surface of 186 sq km and a coastline of 120km in length. The main reason why people choose to come here is because the island has a central position in respect of the others such as Naxos, Ios, Sifnos or Syros. Still, it is no match for the more popular Santorini or Mykonos.

On the island of yacht charter Paros you are going to find interesting cities such as Parikia in the northwest or Naoussa, Lefkes and Marpissa. The main access to the island is by the ferry line which takes daily trips of around 4 hours. There’s another option involving high speed catamarans which are pricier and which leave from Piraeus and Heraklion.

There are plenty of old churches to visit as well as monasteries like the Church of 100 Doors which is said to have been built by the emperor Constantine for his mom, St. Helen. The local architecture is very old and resembles the Greece we’ve all imagined from the postcards, with the flat-roofed houses and whitewashed walls. If you want to see more of this type of landscape, head to the neighboring villages.

Marble relics are found in abundance on the island since the Parian marble was famous in the ancient world. Taking a tour of yacht charter Paros will reveal many of these vestiges.

One of the most popular places in town is the windmill bar by the Pandrossos Hotel as this is where most of the yacht charter crews gather here. The region is full of other bars and restaurants which serves a wide assortment of wines and dishes like the locally popular octopus in vinegar.

The local shopping scene is quite developed since the people in yacht charter Paros understand that tourists like to spend during their holiday. Here you can purchase shoes, ceramics, furniture, jewelry and even art.

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